ProdStar Chat for Windows BETA Release

It’s Back!

The long awaited return of a reminiscent version of Prodigy Classic Chat is here!

Now you can Beta test the new ProdStar Chat software and experience the online community the way we all remember. After countless hours of dedicated research, discussion and programming, we have recreated an accurate application that will transport you back in time to relive a true to life community chat experience past in real time.

The time machine has been built, the destination is set, but there are still some unknowns we may need to work out.

Become a ProdStar interstellar explorer and help us test all the buttons and levers in our first exploration to go back in time.

If you or a friend are interested in joining the ProdStar Beta Test group please e-mail us at and please join the ProdStar Beta Test facebook group


What’s Next?

We have a large base of users who have connected in the forums over the years and will plan to have an official launch to all the members in the coming months. We will be listening closely to your feedback and suggestions as we continue to build and recreate the details of our beloved online service.


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