Prodstar CHAT

Prodigy Restoration CHAT is a windows based chat software that emulates the experience of using the online service. This restored version was designed from our collective memory to help recreate the experience we remember and love. Great care has been taken to restore the functionality and the experience to the best of our memories. Many hours of discussion, and hundreds of hours of focused programming has gone into this project to make it a success.  We hope that you will enjoy and provide feedback of your experience!


  • Chat and Instant Messaging
  • Choose between Prodigy Classic and Modern Interfaces
  • Simple Prodigy-style chat or fully formatted chat options
  • SSL Enabled for Secure Chatting

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP or Later (Vista/7/8/10)
  • .NET Framework 4.0 (Auto-installed if Missing)
  • 2MB Free Space
  • 1GB of RAM

Download the Latest ProdStar Chat Client Release (Windows XP, Vista 7/8 32-Bit) 


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